•    Churchill High School is the greatest high school and I believe the Churchill Orchestra is the greatest group of people.  If you are curious about WC or any other high school I would strongly encourage you to attend a concert.  At WC we have 7 classes of orchestra cattering to the different needs of our students.  All and every student is welcome and accepted in the WC Orchestra.  The audition process is to evaluate the students' current ability and match them with a class that will enhance their technical and musical ability.


    WC AUDITIONS for 2020-2021


    Freshman Orientation & Parent Meeting May 26, 8:00 PM, WC Orchestra Building

    Parent Letter


    Audition Dates

    April TBA – Bradley M. S.

    April TBA – Eisenhower M.S.

    April TBA – Jackson M.S.

    May TBA, Churchill H.S. 


    FRESHMAN 2020-2021


    Please review the attached files. 

    Students wishing to audition for the Varsity Orchestra will need to prepare all 5 excerpts.

    Students will be placed in the orchestra period I think will best suit their educational needs.

    Instrumentation needs will also be considered.

    Questions or Concerns to JTHIBO@NEISD.NET




    Violin Audition

    Viola Audition

    Cello Audition

    Bass Audition