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What is expected of all Biology students?



You are expected to comply with all NEISD and Winston Churchill policies. Every student is expected to show respect for themselves, their peers, and their teacher. Behavior contradictory to a positive learning environment will not be tolerated. 


Please obtain notes from a trusted classmate and makeup work from the designated area or technology site.  Assignment information is posted on the whiteboard in class and on the NEISD Teacher Web. ( Work assigned during your absence will have the same number of school days to complete as your peers. Tests will be taken immediately upon return or scheduled for an appropriate time. Makeup work is your responsibility.


Information regarding your Biology or AP Biology can be found on your course syllabus. Semester grades are calculated as follows:

Semester Grade

Semester Exam   =  20%

Each nine weeks  =  40%


Take advantage of learning opportunities! There are assignments along the way that can help your grade if you are unsatisfied with your average.


You are responsible for knowing and adhering to all safety rules. Safety is of utmost importance.