• Classroom Policies and Procedures:

    All school rules will be followed, enforced and consequated at all times.

    That being said, I’ll just make it simple: Respect.  Respect your classmates and instructors- their persons and property.  Respect the responsibility of being on the stage- it is a position of trust and privilege to be earned every time you set foot on it.  Respect the responsibility of being an audience member- it is not an easy thing to open oneself on stage only to be treated badly by an audience.  Respect yourself- you are a person of value and your contribution to the group dynamic is important.

    Tardiness is not acceptable and tardy students will report to the tardy center- it’s a respect issue.

    There are severe consequences for lapses in academic integrity.  So don't cheat!

    You are responsible for making up all work in the event of an excused absence.  Make-up work may take an alternate form from the original.

    Late written work will be accepted at a reduced grade for each class day that has passed.

    Special note:  Because much of this class involves performance pieces, absences- even excused ones- present a particular problem.  If you are absent on a day that you or your group is called to perform or crew, alternative written assignments will be made for you and/or your entire group.  So don't miss performance days.  If you must miss class on a scheduled performance day for some extraordinary reason, contact the instructor and a member of your group immediately and it may be possible to re-schedule.  If the reason is illness, a doctor's note will be required.  The bottom line is that theatre has a lot of trust issues and if you let down your group, you will be looked upon most unfavorably.  Commitment and a positive attitude are essential to the successful completion of this course.

    Because of the nature of this type of course, the majority of grades will assessed authentically through acting projects and performances (40%) and daily participation in exercises and warm-ups (30%).  However, there will also be some opportunities for those who excel in research papers and written/practical quizzes to demonstrate their understanding.  When assigned, these papers/quizzes will be weighted at 30%.  The weighted percentages are qualitative representations and do not reflect the quantity of assignments that may be made in any particular category.

     Additionally, as with many school courses such as athletics, band, choir, etc., there are before/after school events/assignments from time to time that students will be required to attend/ participate in.  These grades will be weighted as acting projects and performances (40%) or practical quizzes (30%).  These will be announced in advance so that transportation, etc. can be arranged.  If for some reason, including absence from school, the student cannot attend a given workshop, tech call, audition, rehearsal, performance, etc., provisions for alternate assignments can be made with the instructor.  The alternate assignment will generally take the form of a research paper- which is weighted equally with acting projects (40%) or practical quizzes (30%)- whichever is appropriate to the original assignment.