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Our dad. Our principal.

Bloomer with daughters

“Thank you for always being there for me—for us.”

Churchill High School seniors and twin sisters, Zoe and Tori Bloomer are excited for graduation. They are headed to Trinity University next year. Tori will be majoring in business. Zoe will be pursuing a biology degree. But when they get to Trinity it will be the first time since 6th grade, their dad hasn’t been in charge of their school. 

Their father, Todd Bloomer is the principal at Churchill. He was previously the principal at Bradley Middle School. And while the move to Trinity will be a first for the twins, next year will also mark a first for their father. The twins are the last of Bloomer’s five children to graduate from Churchill.

“It’s a lot of emotions,” said Todd. “When you pour so much into a school and a community and other people’s children all the time it can be hard because there are so many activities and night activities to attend, so to be able to be here with them the last six and half years it’s been fun to see them grow and mature. Being here with them has been a blessing.” 

But has it been a blessing for dad to be your principal? Tori and Zoe would definitely say yes. They admit it was a little awkward in middle school, but agreed a lot can be awkward about middle school. They’ve enjoyed seeing dad across the lunchroom or knowing they can pop in his office for a snack.

“We are lucky everyone likes our dad,” said Zoe. “It’s actually pretty cool.”

While the girls think it’s actually pretty cool, Todd does too. If you ask him, having his children go through Churchill has made him a better principal. 

“When you come in and you have concerns about the safety and wellbeing of your child -- as a dad I have the same feeling. I am a dad first. So, if you are worried your kid isn’t involved or going through something -- It’s easy to talk to a parent when I am experiencing the same thing they are. My kids have enabled me to connect with parents and students on another level. Having your kids go to the school that you love and lead -- it’s not made up, it’s real.”

So, as the twins head off to Trinity, they have a message for their principal—and dad.

“Thank you for always being there for me—for us. Thank you for always having our back and advocating for us. Thank you for creating such a safe space, not only for us, but for everyone in this school. I know everyone feels welcome by you and how patient you are. We will miss seeing you at school.”

May 1 is National School Principals Day. So, to all NEISD principals who create campuses fit for their children and treat each student like their own, thank you for all you do #theNEISDway

Bloomer with his daughters

Evan Henson
posted on: 05/01/2023