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Letters of Recommendation

First of all, I want to thank you for considering me for a letter of recommendation. Many students now use an online common application for their institutional applications and scholarships. Let me know if I need to use one. Also, some institutions may require that a student provide to the teacher a privacy consent waiver.

Four Conditions
I would be happy to write one for you if you meet all of the following four conditions:
  • You have actually taken a class with Mr. Glass.
  • Your academic standing in class was above average or excellent (80 or better).
  • Your participation in class was satisfactory or excellent.
  • You provide me with the following information at least two weeks ahead of your due date. I will not write one until I receive all of the information.
Needed Information
I prefer that you send the information via email, but you also may drop them by my classroom.
  • A clear due date of at least two weeks before you would like the letter. The more time that you give me, the better.
  • Two or more examples from class that demonstrate one or more of your strengths, was memorable, or helped you grow in personal or academic ways. If you provide me with specific images and anecdotes, I can provide concrete, convincing evidence in my letter.
  • A brief resume of your accomplishments and strengths in and out of the classroom.
  • Your answers to the nine questions (see below).

Nine Questions

1. Describe your character and personality (strength of character, compassion, integrity, sensitivity, and ability to overcome adversity).

2. What motivates you in life (desire to help mankind, money, family, values, etc.)?

3. What are your non-academic interests?

4. What are your goals in life? (This is not just for college but after college as well.)

5. How have you contributed to your school and community? What do you have to contribute to a college community?

6. How would you describe yourself as a leader?

7. Describe pressures that are on you, if any. Have you overcome any obstacles?

8. Are there are any particular things about you that you would like for me to stress?

9. Tell me something that will help me to know who you are inside.