• Immunization Requirements

    State law requires students in Texas schools to be immunized against certain vaccine-preventable diseases. Getting your child vaccinated not only protects your child’s health, but also that of the community.


  • Screening Information

    All new NEISD students will be screened for vision and hearing. 

    Medication Information

          All medication orders must be renewed each year.  The appropriate forms are available from the school nurse or on the NEISD website under Health Services.

          All medications that are needed during the school day, must be brought to school and checked into the clinic by a parent or guardian.  

          Students are not allowed to carry medications.

          The only exception is self-carry authorizations for emergency asthma inhalers, epinephrine auto-injectors, and diabetic supplies.  These require current physician orders to self-carry.   Training and a pass will be provided by the school nurse after all requirements are met. 

    For information regarding medication forms and policy, please go to


    Injury? Need an elevator pass or extra time between classes?

    If your child has an injury or surgical procedure that requires crutches, a wheelchair, or other assistive devices, please be aware that the district requires a doctor's note for these devices to be used at school.  Have your student report to the clinic with a copy of the doctor's note.  The appropriate pass will be issued based on the doctor's note and the student's needs. 


    Fax # 210-356-0200


    Clinic Hours: 8am-4:30pm M-F

Clinic News

  • Charger clinic

    The goal of the clinic is leading the community in promoting and supporting life-long positive health habits to assist all students to achieve their maximum learning potential and to become well-rounded, productive, and responsible members of society.

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