Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies-University of the Incarnate Word M.Ed. Elementary Education-Texas State University

Mr. Santos Reyna II

Welcome! I am glad to be here at Bradley Middle School! I graduated from Harlingen High School. I received my bachelor's degree from the University of the Incarnate Word then continued my education to receive my master's in Education from Texas State University. Not only am I anxious to get to know all my students, I am looking forward to a great year of excitement and fun!!!

Class Announcements

Class Schedule

  •  Monday Schedule

    1st Period:  (8:20-9:05)     Honors Algebra 1
    2nd Period: (9:08-9:58)     8th Grade Math
    3rd Period:  (10:02-10:47) 8th Grade Math
    4th Period:  (10:50-11:35) Conference
    5th Period (11:38-12:23) Honors Algebra
    Lunch:        (12:26-12:56)
    6th Period:  (12:59-1:44)   8th Grade Math
    7th Period:  (1:47-2:32)     Honors Algebra 1
    8th Period (2:35-3:20)     Honors Algebra 1

    Tuesday-Friday Schedule

    1st Period:   (8:20-9:08)    Honors Algebra 1
    2nd Period:  (9:12-10:08)  8th Grade Math
    3rd Period:  (10:12-11:00) 8th Grade Math
    4th Period:  (11:04-11:52) Honors Algebra 1
    5th Period (11:56-12:44) Honors Algebra 1
    Lunch:        (12:46-1:16)  
    6th Period:  (1:18-2:06)    8th Grade Math
    7th Period:  (2:10-2:58)    Honors Algebra 1
    8th Period:  (3:02-3:50)    Honors Algebra 1


    Tutoring Times:

    Monday, Thursday-Friday: (7:45-8:15)