Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. in Education ESL Early Childhood-6th Grade All Subjects Social Studies 4th-8th Grade

Mrs. Ryan

A Little About Me

I am a born and raised Texan, which makes me the ultimate Texas History teacher. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science degree in teaching. I am the lucky mother of 3 awesome kiddos in an amazing blended family. We absolutely love traveling and getting outdoors to explore whenever we can! The Pacific Northwest is our absolute favorite place to visit and we love to spend time out and about in national parks. My husband and I have visited 30 national parks in the last three years and even married my husband in one. I am very grateful for my life and live each moment to the fullest with happiness, kindness, and a little goofiness.


A Little About Texas History

Texas History is a fun and engaging class that begins with the diverse geography and cultures of Native Texas and ends with the celebration of present-day Texas and all of its GLORY! Our goal for the year is to comprehend the geographical complexity of the Lone Star state and how its diverse terrain influenced Texan life. We will travel down the Texas Timeline starting from the beginning of time in Texas and moving all the way to the present day. In class, we will also poke some fun at the kooky history that comes our way deep in the heart of Texas!


A Little About The Cabin Program

Bradley is incredibly unique in the sense that it has created a diverse and influential field trip program on its campus. Mike Bailey and his crew brought his vision and his cabin logs to Bradley over 25 years ago, and because of his dedication and commitment to teaching history the "fun way," thousands of 4th-grade students have been able to witness history come alive. I feel very fortunate that I have been gifted the opportunity to be the field trip coordinator and I look forward to each season when I am able to jump up on my megaphone and greet all my lil' buckaroos with a big ol' HOWDY!

If you would like to learn more about the cabin, check out the video below.


My Schedule

  • Daily Schedule

    1st period- TX History

    2nd period- TX History 

    3rd period- Cabin Elective

    4th period- Cabin Elective

    B Lunch

    5th period- Cabin Elective

    6th period- TX History

    7th period- TX History

    8th period - Conference

    Tutoring Schedule

    Mondays and Fridays

    Morning 7:45-8:15 AM

    Afternoon 3:40-4:00 PM


So What Do I Really Do Here?!

  • 7th-Grade Texas History Curriculum

    We study Texas History to not only learn about our great state but also to identify important leadership traits in those that made Texas the state it is today. We will explore early Texas all the way to modern-day Texas. Important stops along the way will include the exploration of Texas, the foundations of the missions, the Texas Revolution and Republic, the Civil War and Reconstruction, the Great Depression and World Wars, the rise of cotton, cattle, oil and railroads, Civil Rights, government, and lastly, contemporary Texas.. 

    7th Grade- Texas History Syllabus  


    Mill Springs Cabin Class Docents 

    Cabin docents were hand-selected at the end of last year, based on teacher recommendation, student applications, and overall integrity. Students chosen for the program will train under Mr. Bailey and my leadership and experience and learn how to present to young audiences that will grace the cabin grounds this fall and spring. Docents will learn valuable presentation, leadership, team-building, social skills, and SEL components while in class. When November rolls around, my docents will head out and begin leading their first field trips. We will take a break from January to mid-February to allow for extra warm weather to make its way back down south and then continue on our field trips until the end of May.

    Mill Springs Cabin Syllabus  

    Mill Springs Cabin Website