• Awards and Recognition
    The Mill Springs cabin has been recognized through awards from the Daughters of the Republic, the Texas State Historical Association, The sons of San Jacinto, The Sons of the American Revolution, and many more. The cabin was also featured in "American Cowboy."

Mill Springs Cabin
  • Current Exhibits:

    • The Mill Springs Cabin
    • Stratton General Store
    • The Texas Museum
    • Lower Pecos Rock Art
    • Texas Dinosaurs
    • The Windmill Exhibit
    • The Chuck Wagon
    • Native American
    • One-room Schoolhouse


    • There are over 25 Eagle Scout Projects built throughout the Cabin grounds over the past 23 years!
    • In addition to sharing their knowledge of history, Bradley's 7th and 8th graders gain first-hand experience in public relations, speaking, problem-solving, teaching skills, early economics, and docent skills.
    • Our newest addition- William York's Americana was just completed last spring by Mike Bailey and his crew. Thanks to the generosity of southwest Texas painter, William York, Bradley's Mill Springs Cabin grounds inherited several beautifully painted murals all depicting the best entertainment, media, ways of life, and life-changing events in Old America. Check out this sneak peek tour of this year's newest addition to the grounds.

  • History of Mill Springs Cabin

  • The Mill Springs Cabin was built over 200 years ago in 1820 outside of Mill Springs, Kentucky.

    In 1998, Mike Bailey and his crew transported the cabin, log by log, to its new home on Bradley‘s Campus.

    Reconstruction and preservation took 5 months and on Texas' Independence Day, March 2, 1999, the cabin opened its doors for the first field trip!

    For the past 25 years, the Mill Springs cabin has hosted thousands of young visitors each year and holds an award-winning status. Our dear Cabin has been cherished and recognized all over the state and remains a rare treasure located deep in the heart of Texas!