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    Hello Bear Family,

        Your Bradley Counseling Team is here for you during this time. Things are continuing to evolve and change, but we wanted to share the most up-to-date information that we have at this moment.  North East is currently setting up counseling phone lines at cluster high schools for students to call into if needed. We will keep you posted about this information (see below for the Cluster Numbers). Although we can’t see you in person, know we are accessible to help you! At this time the Bradley Counseling Team is available by email to answer, to the best of our abilities, any question you may have. We know that this can be an emotional time and it is even more important to focus on the social and emotional needs of all our students, families, and community. If you would like to talk to a Bradley Counselor through a web program called “Zoom” (think of it like Face-Time or Skype) email the desired counselor to set an appointment that mutually works. The counselor will respond with a few time slots to choose from and directions on how to access “Zoom”.  We are here to support our Bear Family!

    If this is an emergency please call 911.


    Check out our “Free Resource” Smore that has lots of helpful information (food, education, social and emotional, outside of school counseling, etc):

    Also, check out our Counseling Corner Smore:

    Join our Google Classroom for SEL Activities: Google Class Code: pmdeoc7

    Community and Schools Safety and Mental Health During COVID-19: PPT provided by Region 20


    With all the virtual bear hugs,

    The Bradley Counseling Team


    Kayla Di Filippo
    Student Last Name: A-Gi
    Mrs. Di Filippo's Google Voice Number: 210-816-0306

    Natalie Stridde
    Student Last Name: Gl-O
    Mrs. Stridde's Forwarded Office Number: 210-356-2646

    Faryn Miller
    Student Last Name: P-Z
    Mrs. Miller's Google Voice Number: 210-549-6935

    Anita Forde
    STAN Counselor
    Mrs. Forde's Google Voice Number: 210-816-1951

    Churchill 356-0019, Mac 356-7619
    7:45 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

    Students are welcome to come in before school, after school, during their lunch period, with teacher permission, or during passing period. Students can self refer to counseling by filling out a "pink slip," and/or teachers, administrators, or parents can refer students by contacting the student's counselor. 

    PHONE: (210) 356-2627

    FAX: (210) 356-0428




Counseling Services

  • Guidance Curriculum

    The guidance curriculum is designed to systematically provide lessons to students that facilitate growth, development, and transferable skills in the areas of educational, career, personal, and social development.

    Responsive Services

    The purpose of responsive services is to intervene on behalf of students whose immediate personal concerns or circumstances put their continued educational, career, personal, and social development at risk.

    Individual Planning

    The purpose of individual planning is to guide all students as they plan, monitor, and manage their individual educational, career, personal, and social development.

    System Support

    The purpose of system support is to identify and coordinate resources and activities on campus and in the community that indirectly benefit students.