Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Music

Mrs. Camille Matthys (Mojica)

Welcome Bradley Orchestra Parents and Students!


Born and raised in San Antonio, I am proud to call myself a product of NEISD, having attended Barbara Bush Middle School and Ronald Reagan High School. I started playing the violin in 5th grade at Stone Oak Elementary and took orchestra in middle school and high school. In 2019, I graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor's degree in Music Education. As I enter my third year of teaching, I am thrilled to continue my journey at Bradley, where I have spent the past two years cultivating a passion for music education.


Beyond the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our beloved border collie mix, Levi. Whether it's indulging in video games, honing my baking skills, or exploring new destinations, I cherish the moments spent embracing life's simple pleasures.


As I embark on another year of inspiring young minds through the power of music, I am filled with anticipation and enthusiasm. Together with my students and future students, I look forward to creating beautiful melodies and unforgettable memories.

  • Regular Bell Schedule

    1st period (Strings II): 8:25 - 9:18

    2nd period (Strings I): 9:23 - 10:08

    3rd period (Concert Orchestra): 10:13 - 10:58

    4th period (Honors Orchestra): 11:03 - 11:48

    Lunch/Conference: 11:50 - 1:10

    6th period (Strings II): 1:15 - 2:00

    7th period (Advanced Orchestra): 2:05 - 2:50

    8th period (5th Grade Strings): 2:55 - 4:00 (Travel)

    Early Release Bell Schedule

    1st period (Strings II): 8:25 - 8:57

    3rd period (Concert Orchestra): 9:01 - 9:31

    2nd period (Strings I): 9:35 - 10:05

    4th period (Honors Orchestra): 10:09 - 10:39

    Lunch/Conference: 10:40 - 11:43

    6th period (Strings II): 11:47 - 12:17

    7th period (Advanced Orchestra): 12:21 - 12:51

    8th period: 12:55 - 1:25