Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Ellen Schmidt


I am Ellen Schmidt and I teach 6th grade Social Studies here at Bradley.

I grew up in San Antonio.  I'm a proud NEISD graduate (Northwood, Garner, and MacArthur) and a UTSA Roadrunner.

I've been teaching 22 years and Bradley is the best school to teach at!




Monday Bell Schedule                                             6th Grade Bell Schedule (Tuesdays-Fridays)                                           

 1st Period 8:20-9:05                                               1st Period  8:20-9:09

 2nd Period  9:08-9:58                                             2nd Period  9:13-10:10

  3rd Period  10:02-10:47                                        3rd Period  10:14-11:01

  Lunch 10:50-11:20                                                Lunch  11:05-11:35

  4th Period  11:23-12:08                                        4th Period 11:39-12:26

  5th Period  12:11-12:56                                       5th Period 12:30-1:17

  6th Period 12:59-1:44                                           6th Period 1:21-2:08

  7th Period 1:47-2:32                                             7th Period 2:12-2:59

   8th Period 2:35-3:20                                            8th Period 3:03-3:50


Tutoring Schedule:

Thursdays  & Fridays 7:45-8:10 A.M