Dear Parents,


    I have the privilege of teaching your child in Pre-AP Algebra or 8th grade math this school year! I wanted to let you know about an approach to teaching that I will be using this year in all my classes. It is called the “flipped” classroom. The basic concept behind a flipped classroom is that what was traditionally done in the classroom becomes homework and what was traditionally done at home (homework) is done in the classroom.


    So what will this look like this year in my classroom?  I will utilize technology and video lessons at home to make the best use of the face-to-face time I have with my students.  This allows my instruction to be more efficient and effective for student learning, and for class time to be more engaging and enjoyable for all learners.


    A “flipped classroom” switches around the traditional order of teaching with the purpose of:

    ●     Creating a more in-depth and supportive environment in the classroom when the teacher is present and able to help students

    ●     Allowing for students to receive a more individualized math education where my actual face-to-face time with them is being used effectively

    ●     Challenging students to learn how to take charge of their learning and manage their time, becoming resourceful learners

    ●     Providing time for more “Higher-Order Thinking” discussion and questioning during class time, helping students to become reflective communicators and to think more deeply about the subject

     Higher Order Thinking Triangle

    Flipped learning allows the classroom to move from:                               

    Teacher-centered → Student-centered

    Passive learning → Active learning                                               

    Lower-order thinking → Higher-order thinking                  


    To help your student be successful in the flipped classroom, remind them to be FIT!


     FIT Acronym


    As always, feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I look forward to working together to help your student meet his/her full potential in math this year!


    Thank you,


    Santos Reyna II                                                    

    8th Grade Math/Honors Algebra

    Bradley Middle School