• I believe strongly that all students are capable of succeeding in mathematics. In order to accomplish this, I have high expectations which include:

    1. Responsibility for your materials. Bring your book and writing materials to class: paper and PENCIL. Pen is NOT allowed in my math class. 
    2. Use agenda books daily to write down the learning objective and any homework if assigned.
    3. Respect for others. Treat classmates and classroom visitors with courtesy.
    4. Your best effort. Be responsible for your own learning.
    5. Listen when others are speaking.
    6. If you miss class, you are responsible for the material covered.
    7. Team work: You will spend as much time interacting with others as you will working individually. When you are assigned to work with others, or choose to work with others, work cooperatively.
    8. Do all required assignments and turn them in on time.