Course Description

  • This course is intended for students to bridge the gap between Algebra II and a college entry-level mathematics course. Topics include real numbers, basic geometry, polynomials, factoring, linear equations, inequalities, quadratic equations, rational expressions, factoring techniques, radicals, algebraic fractions, complex numbers, graphing linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, systems of equations, graphing quadratic equations and an introduction to functions. Emphasis is placed on algebraic techniques, in order to successfully complete an entry-level college mathematics course. Calculator use is allowed in this course when indicated, including the departmental semester examination.



    I have listed our upcoming agenda on my calendar and color coded it as well. 

    Yellow - class discussion

    Blue - in class assignment or homework assigned

    Green - quiz

    Pink - test

    ** Our upcoming agenda may fluctuate throughout the year, but the current date should be correct.

Math Transitions