Ms. Donna Garcia

Phone: 210-951-0294 Call or text - Google Voice


Degrees and Certifications:

BS English Education English/Language Arts, grades 6-12 English as a Second Language, grades 6-12 Speech Communication, grades 6-12

Ms. Donna Garcia

I got my degree in English Education from Ohio University, and I started teaching in Ohio part-time.  I loved teaching so much that I wanted a full-time job; when I was offered a position in Houston, Texas, I moved and have lived in Texas ever since.  


Since I started teaching, I've taught students aged 11-65, and I have loved all those ages! When I left public education several years ago, it was to teach a GED program to adults, and while I thought I'd be teaching English to students, I actually taught mostly math--something I'd never done before!  I'm happy to be back in public education now and I'm happy to be teaching English in high school once again.  


I've taught English in Ohio, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio to grades 7-12, and am excited to be teaching 9th grade--one of my favorite grades.

Class Schedule

  • 1st period (8:55-9:42) English I
    2nd period (9:47-10:45) English I
    3rd period (10:50-11:40) English I
    4th period (11:45-12:35) Conerence
    5th period (12:40-1:30) Lunch
    6th period (1:35-2:25) English I
    7th period (2:30-3:20) English I
    8th period (3:25-4:15) English I