• Our Partners

    Alamo Colleges

    ACE has solidified a valuable partnership with Alamo Colleges and the Alamo Promise Program, eliminating financial barriers to higher education for students. This collaboration makes earning a college certificate or associate degree a reality by covering tuition and fees at any of the five Alamo Colleges for recent ACE graduates.

    Along with the Alamo Promise scholarship opportunity, the alliance also provides ACE students exclusive access to internships, hands-on industry challenges, and an extensive professional network. These real-world experiences bridge the gap between theory and practice, preparing learners for the dynamic landscape of their future careers.

    For those wanting to continue their studies, students who utilize Alamo Promise can potentially qualify for two more years of free tuition at UTSA through their Bold Promise program. By knocking down obstacles to college access, this collaboration opens doors for students to keep ascending toward their brightest futures.


    Café College

    Funded by the City of San Antonio, Café College provides free access to college services and resources to all local students and families. Managed by the San Antonio Education Partnership, Café College also offers a centralized hub to guide and support navigating the higher education landscape.

    ACE maintains a special Café College partnership. Monthly student-focused campus visits ensure ACE learners can leverage this invaluable asset on their route to postsecondary pursuits. By streamlining the college going process, Café College turns higher education into reality.

    Available services include group forums like campus tours and financial aid workshops alongside personalized 1:1 assistance, with both English and Spanish offerings covering key topics of college admissions, funding, career awareness, and collegiate success strategies.


    Salvation Army

    Community service has remained central to ACE since being founded in 1991. ACE requires all enrolled students to complete a minimum of six volunteer hours. One major six-year partnership facilitating this goal is with the Salvation Army.

    Monthly, students attend community service activities across Salvation Army locations across San Antonio. These events include the Angel Tree Toy Drive, an annual ‘Shoe In’ event, food distribution support, serving local seniors, and more. By working with the Salvation Army, students gain firsthand experience of serving others that develops empathy and compassion, contributing to personal growth.

    ACE is thankful for the Salvation Army's dedication to providing impactful service opportunities for our students to bring positive change in the San Antonio community. Together, our partnership instills the significance of social responsibility and leadership through action.


    McKinney-Vento Project

    The NEISD McKinney-Vento Project provides critical services to over 1,100 homeless students, ensuring all NEISD students have the opportunity to enroll, attend, and succeed in school. Part of the project are ACE student volunteers, helping to provide support and eliminate barriers. By working towards their volunteer hours, ACE students help the program provide stability and resources to vulnerable youth.


    Academy Advisory Corporate Council (AACC)

    Students at ACE benefit from regular interactions with the Academy Advisory Corporate Council (AACC), a community organization dedicated to elevating ACE, its staff, and students. Guided by a mission to Advise, Contribute, and Encourage, the AACC meets monthly to discuss opportunities making campus impact.

    Among their efforts, the AACC manages an annual scholarship fund to support student success. Council members also engage as inspirational role models, networking to forge mentorships with young people. 

    These experienced professionals model positivity, drive, and achievement; helping shape both perspective and possibility for youth navigating key decisions.

    By channeling community into consistent campus presence and programming, the AACC enriches the ecosystem supporting students on their journey to, and through, graduation.