• Connecting Education with Community

  • Compassion Through Service

    We believe in the power of service not just to change the world, but to develop our students. Our community service program is a cornerstone of our educational philosophy, embedding the values of empathy, civic responsibility, and personal growth into the heart of our curriculum.

    A Commitment to Impact

    Our students are required to engage in community service projects, connecting their academic pursuits with real-world impact. This integration of service learning establishes a deeper understanding of societal issues, encouraging students to apply their skills and knowledge in meaningful ways to benefit others.

  • Diverse Opportunities

    ACE offers a wide range of service projects, catering to the diverse interests and talents of our student body. From environmental conservation efforts and food drives to tutoring and assisting local nonprofits, our students have the opportunity to make a significant difference in our shared communities.

    Beyond the Classroom

    Community service at ACE is not just a requirement but an opportunity for students to learn outside the traditional classroom setting. These experiences provide valuable life lessons in leadership, teamwork, and empathy, which shape our students into well-rounded individuals.

  • Graduate 1

    ACE Graduate

    "I can honestly say ACE saved my life. Things were not going well, and deep down, I knew that I needed a major change, and that overall change was attending ACE. ACE works for students like me because the school is small, and the whole culture and environment is different. My Graduation Coach had a big heart, but was also tough on me when I needed it. The self-paced program allowed me time to get back on my feet, literally and figuratively."

    Graduate 2

    ACE Graduate

    "Before attending The Academy of Creative Education, I had heard of its "bad" reputation placed upon it by those unknowing of the actual value it holds. People often say ACE is a place for bad kids, alternative school kids, academically dishonest and unmotivated students. In reality, ACE is a place of hope. It is a place for second, third, fourth chances when it feels like everything else in life has gone completely wrong. To others, I would describe ACE as a haven for opportunity."

    Graduate 3

    ACE Graduate

    "Traditional schooling was never an environment I thrived in. I had a lot to deal with constantly. During my time at school, I was in the process of being adopted. I was also attending therapy and battling bouts of depression and anger. At ACE I actually had a voice. The advisory circles done twice a week made me feel like my thoughts and opinions mattered. If I was having a hard day and struggling with the curriculum, the teachers were understanding."