• Academics form the foundation for students on their journey toward successful futures beyond graduation. The Academy of Creative Edudation, ACE, believes that a strong educational background unlocks a learner's full potential, whether planning for college, career, or military service after high school.

    Our school's innovative academic approach ensures students become well-prepared through personalized, self-paced learning. ACE teachers design and facilitate rigorous, accelerated curriculum tailored to nurture each learner's unique interests and strengths. Students can choose pathways aligned to their individual goals.

    With flexible scheduling, individualized academic support, and real-world learning opportunities, ACE enables students to rediscover their potential. The school's student-centered model lays the groundwork for achievement in life after high school.

  • Academic Approach

    The Academy of Creative Education offers academically challenging courses aligned to Texas Education Agency standards, condensed into an accelerated pace. Students tackle two classes at a time, dedicating at least two hours daily per course. This concentrated approach allows learners to focus deeply and gain semester credits in approximately 30 days per class.

    The self-paced model enables students to devote additional time to their goals as needed, leading them to understand material through review. Teachers continuously tailor instructional materials to student needs, with some interdisciplinary projects being cross-curricular, allowing them to fulfill requirements across multiple subjects to optimize for efficient learning.

    Our small class sizes encourage individualized attention, as teachers better understand each student as they choose their own daily schedule within flexible parameters, arriving between 7:30 AM - 10 AM, for at least four hours daily, with two hours minimum per class. The school day ends at 2 PM, but is paired with an extended calendar that furthers the opportunity for progress with a shorter summer break. Students transition back into the academic rhythm easily after resting mid-June to mid-July. The personalized scheduling grants students flexibility to manage personal responsibilities while actively pursuing their diploma.

    Student Support

    Students at ACE have ongoing access to counseling services to review graduation plans, providing stability throughout their academic journey. An assigned advisory teacher also guides each student, serving as mentor and coach who tracks student progress, delivering personalized feedback and support as needed. Although curriculum is self-paced, teachers assist by breaking down content and pacing assignments to nurture success. 

    For higher education and career readiness, ACE delivers robust test prep programming for college admissions exams, military exams, and career certifications. Additionally, Life After ACE connects students with post-secondary partners through campus visits, admissions counseling, financial aid guidance, and more. By furnishing pathways beyond graduation coupled with compassionate 1:1 mentoring, ACE empowers students to keep ascending toward their aspirations.

  • Our Curriculum

    ACE believes all students deserve an equal opportunity for academic success, though each learner has unique educational needs. For students facing distinct challenges, ACE provides a supportive environment tailored towards achievement. With flexible hours based on personalized graduation plans, the extended school calendar accommodates employment, family requirements, and other personal needs.

    Students attend campus for at least 4 hours daily, progressing through self-paced, project-based curriculum focused on viable real-world skills. Multi-certified teachers offer required core subjects as well as specialized electives and foreign languages. Career technical education is also available, helping students earn industry credentials and certifications.

    ACE students benefit from close collaboration with teachers due to small class sizes. This facilitates impactful cross-curricular learning to help students draw connections across subjects. The Academy’s innovative model ensures access for all students to accomplish their academic goals.

    College Prep

    College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) encompasses more than academics, it focuses on nurturing essential life skills and self-awareness. College presents unique growth opportunities to explore interests, values, and passions central to a career. Additional college experiences like internships, networking, and mentoring also enable professional development and connections, which both are invaluable assets when navigating the landscape of the modern workplace. In essence, CCMR equips students with the tools and mindsets to adapt to the ever-changing demands of their chosen workforce.

    ACE proudly provides assistance to each student to simplify the postsecondary planning process. Our school offers the TSIA2, ACT, and test prep support like tutoring and practice assessments to help learners maximize their potential. 

    Campus visits from every military branch provide access to the ASVAB and recruiting opportunities. With a fundamental belief in abilities, ACE remains determined to fully prepare students for the purpose-filled futures that await after graduation. 

    Our students are highly capable and have a purpose-filled future ahead of them. We will do everything in our ability to prepare our students for Life After ACE to empower them for future success in their lives.



    Supportive Staff

    Our supportive staff is the backbone of our transformative educational experience. Committed to the success of each student, our educators and administrators go beyond traditional roles, acting as mentors, guides, and advocates. With a passion for growth and potential, ACE staff creates a welcoming environment where students feel valued and understood. Whether it’s through personalized learning plans, regular check-ins, or assistance in goal-setting, our dedicated team is here to ensure every student’s unique journey is met with encouragement, support, and the tools needed for success.