• Our office staff is the glue that keeps our school running smoothly!

  • Department Deans

    Kathleen Janysek
    Instructional Dean of Mathematics  email | 356-0130 

    Meredith Birdy
    Instructional Dean of Social Studies email | 356-0133 

    Karin Montemayor
    Instructional Dean of Science email | 356-0050 

    Lesley Knife 
    Instructional Dean of English email | 356-0061



    WC Admin Staff 

     Teresa Moran
    Principal's Administrative Assistant  email 356-0005 

    Shannon Mize
    Asst. Principal's Administrative Assistant 356-0033 Email

    Veronica Villarreal
    Asst. Principal's Administrative Assistant 356-0021 Email

    Carrie Harrison
    Accounting/Bookkeeper 356-0100  Email



  • Counseling Office Staff

    Melissa Tooman

    Clerk email 356-0024 

    Sandy Pursley
    Clerk (transcripts) 356-0032

    Heather Riojas
    Data Processor email 356-0123

    Teresa Sorola
    Registrar email 356-0031



    Attendance Office Staff

    Leslie Maes

     Attendance Clerk 

    9th /11th email 356-0068 


    Traci Novikoff 

     Attendance Clerk

    10th/12th email 356-0001


    Coming Soon

     Receptionist  356-0000