Degrees and Certifications:

Blinn College A.A. Liberal Arts with emphasis on ASL and Choir Texas State University B.A. Anthropology, emphasis on Linguistics, Maya, Peoples and Cultures of Africa, and Moundbuilders, with minor in Religious Studies Austin Community College and San Antonio College Interpreter Training Program between ASL and English, Expressive and Receptive Training Teacher Certification: ENG LANGUAGE ARTS AND READING 7-12 AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE TASC-ASL

Ms. Lehmann

Greetings, I am Ms. Lehmann and I'm the ASL teacher at Roosevelt.  I've been studying and utilizing American Sign Language for the past 10 years.  The language was first introduced to me when I was six years old.  In high school, my friends and I started learning the language independently and would communicate with each other during concert band practice.  When I started college, I chose ASL as my foreign language at Blinn College and continued with ASL III and ASL IV at Texas State University. 

After obtaining my Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology, I pursued an interpreting certificate at Austin Community College but then transfered to San Antonio Colllege (the #1 interpreter training program in the nation).  I completed the program at SAC and started my journey as a teacher.  My passion is to teach and encourage ASL students to be actively engaged with the language amongst their friends and to form new friendships within the Deaf Community. 

My passion is to also educate the public and hearing individuals about the richness and unique cultural minority group that communicates with a visual language, not an auditory language.  ASL is a growing language for non-Deaf people.  Learning ASL opens the opportunity to be a part of a very close-knit community.  I am happy to be a bridge connecting students to that community.

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Class Announcements

Class Schedule

  • MWF Schedule

    8:00-8:55  Teacher duty/prep time

    8:55-9:55  Parent Conference/ ASL Tea Time (will alternate weekly)

    10:00-11:00 1st Period ASL I

    11:05-12:05 2nd Period ASL II/III

    12:35-1:10 Lunch C

    1:15-2:15 3rd Period ASL III/IV

    2:20-3:20 4th Period ASL I

    3:25-4:25 Teacher Prep Time/ ASL Tea Time (will alternate weekly)


    TTH Schedule

    8:00-8:55  Teacher duty/prep time

    8:55-9:55  ASL Tea Time (will alternate weekly)

    10:30-11:30 5th Period ASL I

    11:35-1:05 6th Period ASL II/Honors

    1:15-1:50 Lunch C

    1:15-2:15 3rd Period ASL III/IV


    3:30-4:30 DEPARTMENT PLANNING/ ASL Tea Time (will alternate weekly)