Degrees and Certifications:

Secondary Mathematics Education Western Governors University

Mr. Minot Edwards

I look forward to working with my students to make math class a fun and rewarding time.  

In Math Models with Applications, we will work together to learn new concepts, help each other work through the processes and come to master the skills of Algebra and Geometry.  We will strive to make this process as interactive and engaging as we can.  This class will help students to be prepared to take Algebra II.

In College Prep Math, we will work to master Algebra I and Algebra II skills needed for college-level math work.  Students who can earn a 75, are considered college ready in math by several local colleges.  They can start the math classes required for their degrees without taking the TSI Math Test.  

I am a big proponent of mixing it up in the classroom, using different approaches to reach students with different needs and learning styles.  I love technology and am always looking for more ways to integrate it productively as it can increase involvement and can provide immediate feedback to all students.  Of course, it will not all be fun and games, but we should have our fair share.

I welcome and encourage my students to help one another and to seek out any resource they can and I am always available for extra small group or individual work to sort out any difficulties. I want all my students to succeed and get all they can out of our year together.

Class Schedule

  • Class Scedule:

    1st  Period  Conference Period
    2nd Period College Prep Math
    3rd Period  Math Models
    4th Period  Math Models 
    6th Period  College Prep Math  
    7th Period  College Prep Math  
    8th Period  Math Models 

    Tutoring Schedule:

    Thursdays 8:00 - 8:45 AM
    Thursdays  8:00 - 8:45 AM
    Wednesdays  4:20 - 5:00
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    Quizzes and tests can be taken, corrected or retaken other mornings or during your lunch by appointment