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Class Expectations & Procedures

In order for everyone to have a safe and positive learning environment and ensure success for every student, the following expectations and procedures have been developed:


1. Be on time and prepared daily

2. Be kind and courteous

3. Give your best

4. Use polite language and speak softly

5. Follow all NEISD and Tejeda rules

Gentle reminders:  Backpacks, food and drinks (except water) are not allowed in classrooms and must be kept in student lockers.


1. As soon as you enter class, get out your Learning Outline and spiral and begin working on the daily warm-up.

2. Cell phones and other devices MUST be stored in a cell phone pocket in class when not being used for instruction.

3. Sign out and back in any time you leave the class room and take a Hall Pass.

4. When you're absent, get missed work from the "ABSENT" bin and make up your work promptly

5. Wait to be dismissed by the Teacher at the end of each class period.


Tests and projects = 40% 

Daily work/ Homework/ Quizzes = 60%

⇒Late work is given a 20% deduction from the total grade earned. Excused absences are allowed one extra day without penalty.

⇒Late work is NOT accepted after the Unit Test or the end of the grading period, whichever comes first. 

⇒Tests and quizzes may be retaken only if the Student earned below 70%.

⇒The highest grade possible on a retake test or quiz is 70%