• Good Day T-Wolf parents,

    Thank you for your interest in the golf program.  We are a Johnson High School feeder school and I am in contact with Coach Martin the golf coach at Johnson High School.

    This is Coach Cope and I am the Golf Coach here at Tejeda. 

    The program is a second semester sport and we will have a parent meeting on February 3, 2023.  It is not required that you have a swing coach but it does help.  If you are looking for tournament type experience, look into STPGA.com.  Starting in  January, I  start making announcements during the morning about the parent golf meeting and it will be an informational meeting and we will discuss all about the golf program and what goes on with the golf program.

    Thank you again for your interest and I look forward to seeing you in February.


    click here for 22-23 golf packet