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How To: Signing into Google Classroom

Below, you will find Mr. Wollard's Texas history google classroom registration codes for the 2020-21 school year.

To register, begin by going to Google Classroom (LINK TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM). 

Sign in using your NEISD credentials,

USER:  (first letter of your first name)(your entire last name)(the last four digits of your student i.d.)


PASSWORD:  Your entire student i.d.                  (Example:  012345678)

then 'join class' using the plus symbol (+) normally located in the top right corner of the page.  From that point you will be prompted to 'ask your teacher for the class code', which i have included below.  Please be sure you are entering only the code that corresponds to YOUR class period. 

If you have any difficulties, please contact me at  


Period 1  -  5555is7


Period 2  -  d2soqoa


Period 3  -  exp7onx


Period 4  -  5o3x5jk


Period 5  -  o4ebp5x


Period 7  -  e4nxma6


Period 8  -  avogaus