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Join the Tejeda PTA!

We encourage you and your students to join Tejeda PTA to show your support for Tejeda Middle School and have a voice in the decision making. Tejeda PTA members consists of students, parents, guardians, caregivers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, staff, and community members. Being a member of PTA gets you connected to your child’s education, provides a wealth of resources, and become a role model and voice for your child. An individual who pays dues to our local PTA automatically becomes a member of the state and national PTAs*.

Students are highly encouraged to join Tejeda PTA and become a voice in your own education. Being an active member of your community looks good on scholarship, grant, college and job applications.​

Click the "Join PTA" button below to print the form and return to school with your payment. You can also join online using the link.  Our goal is have one PTA member (one voice) for each Timberwolf at Tejeda!

Please visit the PTA Homepage: