• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • Tejeda library is a welcoming place where students are able to come in the mornings for maker space, puzzles, paint by pixels, to read, check out books, and or work on homework. This year Tejeda library aides created a comfy, cozy Reading Nook for our students. The popular nook includes bean bags, a fluffy rug and soft character pillows such as the beloved avocado, a boba tea and the smores shaped pillow. Students love holding these pillows and find comfort in holding them throughout the day.
  • Tejeda library promoted a love and joy of reading all year by celebrating Heritage months, such as Hispanic Heritage, Black History, Holocaust Awareness and Women’s History. Library aides helped to create inspirational slideshows to be shown during school lunches. Library aides also took an active role in selecting and displaying books to celebrate heritage months.
  • Tejeda Library partnered with our supportive PTA to host a Scholastic Book Fair to fundraise for library furniture. Tejeda parents came in every day to assist in selling books to excited students. Parents were able to see the excitement students have for reading.
  • Tejeda Library promoted the joy of reading through “Blind Date With a Book.” This is the second year students get to enjoy this promotion of books in which library student aides and Tejeda students choose books to be highlighted for the month and then checked out by students. Since this is student driven, this is a popular promotion that students enjoy during the month of February.
  • Tejeda Library is open for students during lunchtime. Tejeda library has lunch passes that allow students to enjoy a quiet place for lunch, play games with friends, sit with NEISD Officer Torres (when available), and/or catch up on homework. Tejeda library is a place for all students and welcomes students seeking SEL time during their lunch break.
3 students sitting in the reading nook.
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Students working on Chromebook.


  • Sugar Skulls-History and Meaning: In this project the librarian partnered with Art teacher, Mr. Mehlen, to teach background knowledge of Dia De Los Muertos for the 6th grade project on Sugar Skulls. Students learned the history and meaning behind the vibrant colors and meaningful shapes that are popular in sugar skulls. As part of the lesson, students saw a video titled “Dia De Los Muertos” display, read about the history of this tradition, and had the opportunity to share.
  • Notan Digital Escape Room: For this project the librarian partnered with both Tejeda’s Instructional Technology Teacher, Michele Haider, and Art Teacher, Mr. Mehlen, to teach the fundamentals of Notan for the 6th grade Notan Art Project. Students learned about key elements in Notan such as light and dark, harmony, and balance through a digital breakout room. After reading about elements, students had to work with a partner to gather clues to obtain the secret message.
  • Databases and Evaluating Online Sources: The librarian partnered with ELAR teachers to teach database use, evaluation of online sources, and research must-knows and tips. The librarian brought in all (6th-8th) ELAR classes and covered how to find and use databases, answered student questions, and discussed points such as, where to find the passwords if working from home, how to cite a source, and how helpful databases can be when working on a research paper or project.
  • Blueprint Pre-writing Strategy: In this activity the librarian partnered with Instructional Technology, Specialist Michele Haider and 7th grade Reading teacher, Mr. Ambriz-White. The class learned a new pre-writing strategy using Lucidchart. This program allowed for students to recreate their own homes or a dream home through a blueprint. After the home blueprint was created, students filled in rooms with memories, lists, thoughts as another method of prewriting for their narrative.
  • Dewey Decimal and Using the Catalog: The librarian partnered with all 6th grade ELAR teachers and brought incoming 6th graders for library orientation. The librarian showed the 6th graders new to Tejeda where students could find fiction books, non-fiction books, graphic novels and biographies. The orientation covered check out procedures, dewey decimal and the online catalog. After the lesson, students explored the library and practiced searching for books in the catalog.

Students and teachers working on an activity.

Lesson Spotlight

This year the librarian went into ALE classrooms to engage students in read alouds and created TEKS based lessons and activities that allowed students to practice writing and comprehension skills. For this activity, the librarian read the book “Rock What You Got” in which students heard the powerful message of accepting yourself as you are. The reading was followed up with a retelling of the book’s theme/message. Students and the librarian then had fun creating drawings while discussing key points in the book. For the second book, the librarian read “You Matter”, a book reminding students that big or small, we all matter in this world. The librarian visited the classroom on Earth Day and took in an earth shaped model with hand shaped cut-outs that were then decorated. At the end, students glued all the hands on the earth to celebrate Earth Day.



  • Library Floor Plan: The librarian collaborated with Driscoll Librarian, Christina Reyna, to rethink the arrangement and floor plan of fiction and non-fiction books throughout the library. In working with Mrs. Reyna, Tejeda’s fiction and non-fiction books now flow better for students to find books and the space has become more functional.
  • Hispanic Heritage Month: This year the librarian collaborated with Spanish Teacher, Mrs. Hernandez Cruz, to plan and organize activities for Hispanic Heritage Month. Activities included a “question of the day” in which students answered daily trivia questions and won prizes. Library student aides also created an amazing fun Hispanic Heritage photo booth for students and staff. In addition, the library also hosted a “Dia De Los Muertos” celebration.
  • Run As A Pack Campaign: For the second year Tejeda library has partnered with NJHS, PALS, STUCO, KINDNESS, STS, to promote our annual campaign which focuses on Respect, Unity, and Acceptance. At Tejeda, students and staff are reminded of the importance of “running as a pack,” For two weeks students participated in activities such as a scavenger hunt, door decorating, PA announcements, and decorating hands that were posted outside the lunchroom.
  • Theater Decorating Collaboration: The librarian and her student aides supported the Theater Arts program along with teacher Mrs. Kelly by creating a bulletin board for the play “High School Musical.” Library student aides visited the set, measured, and planned colors and cut out musical notes and items for the board. The board was used as a prop for the play and Ms. Kelly acknowledged and thanked the library for the help.
  • WOLF Tutoring and Intervention: The librarian and her student aides collaborated with the Instructional Dean Mrs. Luther to provide intervention to students. The librarian received data on identified students, organized intervention material, and provided targeted tutoring to students during WOLF time. Tuesday through Friday the librarian tutored groups to help students close the gap as part of House Bill 4545.

Collaboration Spotlight

The collaboration the librarian is most proud of is partnering with Ms. Trevino on the Teach A TEK project. Instead of simply reviewing information, students were engaged and excited about Science. The collaboration included the idea of having students teach a TEK to each other. Students were instructed on how teachers have varying styles and take time to plan a lesson. The importance of planning, teaching vocabulary, asking questions, and having an assessment were discussed extensively. Students were taught the Frayer model to learn and also teach vocabulary. Students were then placed in groups and assigned a TEK. They were given a planning sheet, instruction on using Adobe Cloud, and encouraged to be creative. The librarian and Ms. Trevino enjoyed listening to students plan how they would teach their TEK. They observed student discussions, saw students planning and best of all, witnessed student creativity and engagement. Students had the opportunity to learn from each other.


Students teaching a Science TEK.

Campus Leader

  • Lunch Make and Take The librarian hosted a Lunch and Learn and invited teachers for a working lunch in the library and covered EduProtocols such as Thin Slides, BookaKucha, and Iron Chef. Teachers left with short, easy to use strategies to incorporate in their lessons.
  • Involving Community At Tejeda our PTA is amazing at supporting all endeavors that benefit our students, staff, and community. This year Tejeda parents got involved in the library and helped with library needs such as inventory, relocating fiction and nonfiction books, and helped run the Scholastic book fair for our students and staff. Parents supported the fundraiser (which funds will be) used to purchase new furniture for the library.
  • Advocacy To promote the various activities going on in the library, the librarian contributed library publicities in the principal's newsletter, and submitted pictures to Ms. Hafemeister to be included in Tejeda’s Facebook page. Posters were also created to advertise library activities to make students aware of being open in the mornings, during lunch, and after school. School announcements were also made as needed.
  • Relationship Building This year the librarian worked on bringing other core and elective subjects to collaborate with in the library. Through relationship building and reaching out, the librarian was able to add Science, ART, and ALE into library lessons this year. The librarian's goal was to bring in all core and elective teachers to show how the librarian can support core, STAAR tested areas, as well as electives to positively impact students. The librarian learned other core TEKS.
  • Professional Development The librarian attended the Learning and Libraries Virtual Conference hosted by Region 20 and attended 34 hours of district librarian PD. The conference and hours covered a variety of topics ranging from library programming, selecting books to diversify the collection, author visits, and much more. The opportunity allows for the librarian to learn and collaborate with other district librarians.
Non-fiction books with display.
Librarian and parent at the bookfair.