• Welcome to our new ELAR normal at Wood MS!

    As we move to Distance Learning, I want to make sure that you have multiple ways of contacting me.

    Here are the ways you can do that:

    GOOGLE VOICE OR TEXT - Call or Text (210) 802-1246


    CHAT with Google Classroom -- You must go through neisd.net to launchpad to Google Classroom. Parents please accept the invitation that I send you so that you can be aware of what you child is supposed to be working on and how they are doing in class.

    • 1st / 2nd period: iz43sip
    • 3rd / 4th period: 2ntfks3
    • 6th period (SSI): bsgh3jm
    • 7th / 8th period:  bezx763


    ZOOM meetings - in person, live help, and lessons - I will send Remind notices when they are about to start 9:15 to 10:00 am everyday.  That will include the link and password. 


    E-MAIL to or from me:   jodowd@neisd.net


    REMIND -  This allows me to send you messages about work, deadlines, and other items. Join me on remind using these codes.

    • 1st / 2nd period:  @c89a4c7
    • 3rd / 4th period:  @aaf33
    • 6th period (SSI):  @jodow
    • 7th / 8th period:  @6446cf7


    Thank You for your flexibility, understanding, and resilience during this time, and for being on time to class, doing your work, including turning it in on time. Please be aware that attendance will be taken everyday, multiple times during class, as well as, at the beginning and end of class. Your student certainly will not want to miss a moment of class time. 😊.


    Mrs. JL O'Dowd

    ELAR Teacher