• Welcome to the home of the Wrangler Academic UIL team!

    We your sponsors, are excited about all of the successes that will take place this year!

    Wondering if you (or your child) can join?

    6th, 7th, and 8th graders are all welcome to join our very cool UIL program! We would love to have YOU in our program. Attend any of our practices to join, go to our Saturday meets and become one of the proud Academic UIL Wranglers.

    How many competitions can I go to during the Saturday Meet?

    Guess What! You can do as many as you want. One or all of them, it is not unusual for students to do almost all of the competition. They are timed, so that you will have time to go from one to another on after it.

    What if I don't know how or what to do?

    We have weekly group practices and another day during the week for each area to practice indiviually with the students interested in that specific area. You must go to practices in order to go our meets.


    Academic UIL is one of the most important college preparatory clubs your child could join! It is designed to enhance all the subjects your children are taught, and follows the state designed curriculum (TEKS). All students benefit from participating in our program, all students are welcome to participate. It is very important that your child goes to practices so that they can learn all the rules, tricks, and get to practice for each event they are interested in participating in. Also, we would greatly appreciate parents helping out on competition days.  

    Competition Subjects:

    General Math

    Number Sense (Mental Math)

    Calculator Applications

    Chess Puzzles


    Maps, Charts, & Graphs

    Dictionary Skills


    Social Studies & History



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    SAturday Meet Info