• Hello to all Debaters and Parents,

    Please ask your student for the code to my Google Classroom for Debate, I have loaded it with multiple documents, videos, and other information for our Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Congressional Debate; as well as, other important dates and information.

    This year our PF topic is:

        Resolved: In the United States social media is beneficial for democratic values.

    This year our LD Debate resolution is:

        Resolved: Civil disobedience in a democracy is morally justified.

    By the end of term your students will have learned about;

    • Logic Falacies,
    • Claim, Warrant, and Impact,
    • Impromptu Speaking,

    Criteria, (is a set guideline which tells the judge how I want to be judged) 

    Debate related Philosophies of

    •  Social Contract,
    •  Denotology,
    •  Utilitarianism.

    Types of Values (the theme or motivation for us to take action in the case).

    Written the definitions which help define what their topic is.

    And learned that they must have references (sources) - These must include:

    • books,
    • articles, 
    • web sites.

    They will also learned that:

    • Yahoo, Bing, and Google are search engines; not web sites.


    • Dictionary.com
    • Downloading Debate Mobil on their phones will be very helpful to the student.

    Contention which is the main argument (position) used to prove the case's criterion

    •  Tagline - the claim position
    • Sub point A - WARRANT of the position and the evidence to support it
    • Sub point B - the IMPACT of the claim and the link to the case's Criterion

    This class is very heavy in the reading, research, and writing areas. It is also a mandatory preformance class.