• Zoom Meeting Expectations

    1. Be On Time -

        Be Prepared with all the materials you need to be successful.

    2. Working from home - Location, Location,Location!!

        Try to find a quiet spot that has few or no distractions.

    3. Looking Good!

        Wear school appropriate clothes, look like you would like others to see you.

    4. Mute yourself during instruction,

        When it is your turn to speak or when you're called upon unmute yourself.

    5. Camera, Lights, Stillness

        Once you have your location, point the camera at you, so you can be seen     during the entire class time.

    6.  Your real name will be displayed on the screen.

    7. NO cell phone use during class, just like in face-to-face classrooms.

        You will need to understand the material and pass your tests.

    8. Try your best. If you do not understand you can raise your hand to get clarification. Still not sure, just do your best.

        P.S. I have tutoring almost everyday after school.

            ALWAYS, try your best! 

            ALWAYS FORWARD!

            Never give up!

            Never surrender!



    • Face to Face Expectations

    1.Treat each other with respect.
    2. Do your job. EVERYDAY.
    3. Follow directions the first time they're given.
    4. Bring all materials every day.
    5. There will always be consequences for your actions; good or bad.
    6. I LOVE talking to your parents for all kinds of reasons, both good and bad.