• Class Expectations

    1. Be On Time - Be Prepared with all the materials you need to be successful.

    2. Looking Good! - Wear school appropriate clothes and shoes.

    3. Cell phone / electronics use is prohibited during class, all electronics including ear buds will be kept in your backpack, if out they will be picked up and returned at the end of the day; or your parent will need to come pick them up.

     4. Do your best. If you do not understand you can raise your hand to get clarification. As Yoda said, "Do. Or do not. There is no try."

        P.S. I have tutoring almost everyday after school.

               ALWAYS, do your best! 

               ALWAYS FORWARD!

               Never give up! Never surrender!

     Face to Face Expectations

    A lot of people are out of practice with being around others, we all need to practice working together in small groups and large group settings. Here are a few helpful hints:

    1.Treat each other with respect (even if you're not really friends).

    2. Do your job. EVERYDAY.

    3. Follow directions the first time they're given, it helps to keep us on track for success.

    4. Bring all materials every day, it will reduce your stress levels if you have what you need.

    5. BREATHE in for 5 counts, out for five counts until you feel calm and ready to give input for the discussion or to ask a question.

         Because calm you shall keep and carry on you must yes, HMMMM. Truly wonderful the mind of a child is. Your mind was made to asorb knowledge.

    6. There will always be consequences for your actions; good or bad.

    7. I LOVE talking to your parents for all kinds of reasons, both good and bad, good is my favorite.