Mr. R. (Alonso)  Andrew

Phone: 210-407-7600


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Microbiology/ Chemistry). Master’s degree is in Healthcare Management MBA, Dual degree in Finance and Accounting, Certification in Special Education EC-12

Mr. R. (Alonso) Andrew

My formal education includes a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology (Microbiology / Chemistry). My Master’s degree is in Healthcare Management MBA, Dual degree in Finance and Accounting MBA, along with my certification in General Education, and in Special Education EC-12.

During my tenure of teaching, and having the opportunity to work with students from the 6 grade through the 12 grade as a behavioral redirection teacher. After 6 years of work at the Alternative Middle and High School. I founded that my experience at the secondary level prepare me for the task I will be under taking at the primary level. In addition to my professional, and educational experiences, I felt that I should work at the elementary level in order to make a difference. I use my experience to help my students achieve behavioral goals along with academics goals before they are sent to the middle and high schools. I have developed positive relationships not only with students, but also with parents. I teach dozens of strategies that reinforce educational materials for the student’s success in learning along with teaching and reinforce positive social skills with peers, family and their community. I believe that behaviors can be improve and changed in the early years of student's education.

Besides teaching and participating in community services, I’ve continue to work in the Healthcare service business, a small business that my brother and I started, owned and operated for more than 16 years. In addition to being an real estate agent and CSA notary, I’ve worked in retail sales, radio broadcasting (College), recreation management, and patientcare coordinator.

Furthermore, I’ve learned a great deal over the years by working with hundreds of organizations, having access to their leaders, and consulting with the top decision makers in business, government, health care, and education. I believe that all goals are achievable at any educational level.



  • 7:25-7:45 All week: Prepare for Day / Morning Duty

    7:45-8:30 All week: Resource Reading 4th Gr.

    8:30-9:30 All week: CT Math Rotation 4th Gr. Granado

    9:30-10:00 All week: 4th Gr. Math Resource 

    10:00-10:20 All week: Flex time check on students and paperwork

    10:20-10:50 All week: CT Reading Rotation 4th Gr. Granado

    10:50-11:20 All week: Lunch 

    11:20-12:05 All week:  CT ELA Rotation 4th Gr. Guerro

    12:05-12:35 All week:  Resource ELA 4th Gr.

    12:35-12:50 All week:  Flex time check on students and paperwork

    12:50-1:35 All week:  Conference / Pick up student

    1:35-2:05 All week:  CT Science Roatation 4th Gr. Moralez 

    2:05-2:45 All week: Social Skills (All Grades)

    2:45-3:15 All week:  Dismissal Day care and KINS

    3:15- 3:55 All week: End of work day paperwork and preparing for the next day