Counselor's Corner

  • Mission Statement:

                The Counseling Department is available to help students, parents, and our community with academic, emotional, and social support.  Our goal is to foster an environment that enhances growth and supports students’ love of learning, so that they are successful in life.

About Us



    Ms. Carolina Mungrillo

    6th grade A-L/7th Grade       




    Ms. Jessica Hernandez

    Mrs. Hernandez

    6th grade M-Z/8th grade 



    Mr. Reyna

    STAN Counselor
    Student Teacher Assistant Network


    The STAN Intervention Counselor provides support to students who are at risk academically, physically, or socially due to issues including: substance abuse, physical abuse, poor attendance, emotional discomfort and self-harm.


    Ms. Morris

    Family Specialist


    The Family Specialist provides support and services for students and their families.  She also facilitates and conducts parent education classes and has knowledge of a wide range of social services that are available to meet the needs of our students and families.