• Texas History Extra Credit 1st 9 weeks

    Dear 7th Grade Students & Parents,

    Each 9 weeks we offer an extra credit quiz grade to our students. Our goal in doing so is to extend the student’s knowledge of history beyond our classroom. We want students to embrace history and show how historical topics have an impact on their everyday lives.

    Students who complete one of these options, will receive a bonus 100 quiz grade. This is an optional assignment and students will not receive any penalty for choosing not to participate. Students may only submit one of the following options for the extra credit grade, though they are welcome to participate in more than one per nine weeks to extend their own learning.

    Students may choose from the following options:

    OPTION #1  

    A student may visit one of the following area destinations of The San Antonio National Historic Park System-

    Mission San Juan Capistrano, Mission San Jose, Mission Espada, or Mission Concepcion


    1. The student must take at least 2 pictures of themselves at that location.
    2. They should go into the museums or places in order to see how what we are studying comes to life.
    3. The student should write a paragraph (a minimum of 4 sentences) explaining what they saw or learned during their visit.
    4. The pictures and paragraph should be submitted together.
    5. The pictures can be emailed to the teacher as attachments with the paragraph in the body of the email.
    6. Students can also choose to create a collage of the pictures and paragraph on paper or the computer and submit it.


    OPTION #2

    1. A student can find an online source (internet article) or a book over the time periods we are covering for the first 9 weeks of school (Early Texas 1500’s- late 1700’s). The student will write a one page summary of how the article or book relates and what exciting facts they found that correlate to what we are studying in class.  They will present their paper in front of the class.
    2. The report is a summary of what you found in the article or book.
    3. It should be typed in 12 point font
    4. You may submit it through google docs or by emailing it to teacher as well


    DEADLINE TO SUBMIT EXTRA CREDIT OPTIONS: October 20th, 2017 *Students who have previously visited the sites above should revisit them during this grading period. Pictures & visits made prior to this nine weeks do not count for this extra credit assignment.