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Best friends since birth. Chargers for life.

5 pairs of twins

Five sets of twins are graduating from Churchill High School this year. Five! 

From left to right we’ve got Tori and Zoe Bloomer, Nate and Trent Rotter, Isael and Alessandro Perez, Joshua and Melody Hays and Raven and Phoenix Rodriguez. 

In this group we’ve got band members, swimmers, baseball players, PALS and orchestra members. A few run track and one is involved in WCTV. They grew up in NEISD attending, Thousand Oaks Elementary School, Huebner Elementary School, Harmony Hills Elementary School, Larkspur Elementary School and East Terrell Hills Elementary School. In middle school they went to Jackson, Bradley and the STEM magnet school program at Nimitz. They’ve all done their own thing, but their best friend has been there every step of the way.

“It’s cool because I’ve always had my best friend there,” said Isael. “When starting a new school I’ve always had that person doing it with me.”

But now they are all graduating. While they plan on paving their own paths after high school, three sets of twins do plan on attending the same colleges or universities. Those that won’t, admitted it’s going to be an adjustment. Take the Rotter twins, Nate will be attending Texas A&M University and Trent is headed to Georgia Tech

Besides being twins, this group also has this in common: they are all going to miss Churchill.

“These are the people I will never forget for the rest of my life,” said Phoenix. “A lot of people here are here to help. Having the ability to reach out and find people to help. Churchill has offered a lot of guidance and I will miss that.”

The Bloomer twins added, that the administration at Churchill has been incredible -- especially Principal Todd Bloomer, their dad.

But here’s the answer to the question you really want to know… did they ever switch places to trick a teacher? The only twins to admit it, were the identical Perez twins. They said they tried it in elementary school, but their friends gave them up pretty quickly.

These Churchill Chargers are going to become screen writers, psychologists and biologists. Thanks to certifications they’ve earned during their time at NEISD, Joshua and Melody Hays have a head start in becoming a paramedic and a teacher. And while they are all going on to bigger and better, they will always be Chargers and always be twins.

We want to wish the class of 2023 the best of luck in their plans after high school.

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Evan Henson
posted on: 05/24/2023