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Eisenhower students swim with the ‘sharks’

Eisenhower students present their companies to the 'sharks'

Eisenhower Middle School students are solving problems #theNEISDway 

Students pitched their companies to the ‘sharks’ during their Gifted & Talented (GT) Showcase. GT ELAR teacher Natalie Jaquess challenged her students to select a world issue, as defined by the United Nations, and then develop a business to try and solve it as an entrepreneur. 

“Eighth grade GT ELAR’s theme is the discovery of self, and I wanted to end the year by turning their personal discovery outwards as they allow their passions and giftings to influence the world and make it a better place,” said Jaquess. 

An Ike student holds the microphoneTheir presentations were inspired by the hit show “Shark Tank.” Eisenhower staff volunteered to be the ‘sharks.’ With a budget of $2 million, they listened to business pitches, asked questions, and determined how much they were willing to invest. 

Eighth grader Jory Catanzaro earned $200,000 from the sharks for ‘Bite Back’ – a company that uses drones to deliver food and water to communities in need to help break the cycle of poverty around the world. 

“What they have put together is super fun, and I have been impressed hearing them process and form these ideas,” said Jaquess.

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 5-23-23