• 2022/2023 Impact Report


  • Maker Mondays - Two Mondays a month, the librarian provided a fun and creative project for students to come and create and put their spin on it. Some examples included button making, origami, and weaving.
  • Hour of Code - Reading classes came to the library for one week to learn how to code. The students could visit numerous stations like Ozobots, Cubelets, Beading in Binary Code, and Learning Scratch coding.
  • 3D Print Club - Students learn the different aspects of Tinkercad in 3D Print Club. Each month they are given a project to create, which will be 3D printed.
  • Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Tournament - Students signed up to participate in a Nintendo Super Smash Brothers Tournament. They were randomly paired against another student based on skill level. The winner continued until there was one winner in each level and an overall Super Smash Champ.
Students playing video games in library
ebooks books in collection
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Students using Great American Race research eduprotocol


  • Creative Commons Lesson - Journalism classes learned about copyright and creative commons. Students created a one-pager using Creative Commons images and correctly cited information.
  • CultureGrams Lesson - Sixth grade students were introduced to CultureGrams using the EduProtocol The Great American Race. Students were assigned a country to explore, then wrote clues about their country for their peers. The peers then tried to guess the country described.
  • High 5 Summary Lesson - Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students used the Lead4Ward High Five Summary strategy to summarize what they learned about the Opposing Viewpoints digital resource. After they wrote their summary, the table turned and talked to each other and shared one thing they learned.
  • Literary Element Bingo - Students had been reviewing literary elements in reading classes. To continue the review, the librarian created a literary elements bingo game where students were given the definition and had to look for the term on the Bingo card.

students at library table sampling library books

Lesson Spotlight

The librarian created a literary book tasting for all students with an elective reading class. The purpose was to get the students to preview books they may not have seen in the library. Every table was a different genre, and every student had a menu in which they recorded and rated their various “courses.” After they finished their meal, they could check out any book they rated high. They also kept their menu notes so that they could use them as a tool to help them self-select books. Many students checked out books they might not have considered before participating in the tasting. It also allowed students to sample genres that they were not familiar with. The book tasting was a success and students enjoyed themselves.



  • Level Up Google Classroom PD with Erin Valdes (ITS) - Teachers were taught how to utilize Google classroom better, highlighting old and new aspects of Google Classroom. Teachers learned ways to organize Google classroom by using Tags and explored the latest apps that integrate into Google classroom.
  • Parent Information Session - The librarian collaborated with our Family Specialist to do a session for parents on library digital resources. Parents were given an overview of available resources and how students can easily access these resources through launchpad.
  • Google Hacks, Pear Deck & Canva PD with Erin Valdes (ITS) - Teachers were introduced to these three things to incorporate into their classes during an all-day technology open house. The ITS and the librarian then created a Google Classroom that housed videos and other resources that supported technology in the classroom.
  • Bookakucha - An elective reading teacher asked the librarian to help create a book of choice project for her students. They made a three-slide Bookakucha template for students to showcase and present their books.

Collaboration Spotlight

The art teacher and librarian collaborated on a year-long Tinkercad project. Every month, students in the high school art class would come into the library and learn different aspects of Tinkercad design to create various art pieces that would be printed using the library’s Makerbot 3D printers. Some examples included creative pencil holders, bubble wands, snowflakes, and ornaments. Every class started with the project, and the teaching highlighted the Tinkercad skill being taught. They also learned about the effects of the dimensions on what is being printed and that valuable knowledge is acquired through making mistakes. Students became proficient in Tinkercad by the end of the year and were creating their own creative 3D Tinkercad projects.


Tinkercad drawing and the printing of a Tinkercad art project

Campus Leader

  • Copyright and Fair Use Training - The librarian presented an interactive lesson on copyright and fair use to teachers using Pear Deck. A Quizizz was given at the end of the presentation to help teachers review information.
  • Skyward Training for Parents - The librarian paired with the family specialist to teach parents how to access Skyward. Parents were also shown how to check grades, attendance, missing work, and how to set alerts.
  • Librarian TikTok - The librarian creates booktoks on various books in the library in the TikTok app. Librarian shares a QR link to the booktoks in Ms. Jennings’ Picks display.
  • Campus Leadership Team – The librarian is part of the Leadership Team that meets weekly and discusses all aspects of Wood Middle School. The librarian gives input and support to help make Wood Middle School successful for all stakeholders.
Librarian's Tiktoks and tik tok page.
Screenshot of Google Classroom ITS and librarian created for staff