6 reasons to join NEISD

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Compensation Plans

It is the goal of the North East Independent School District to offer a competitive compensation package to recruit and retain quality personnel, while maintaining internal and external equity.

  • Participation in the Teacher Retirement System of Texas
  • Incentives for, but not limited to, Bilingual and ESL Teachers
  • Out-of-district employee enrollment of their child(ren) at employee’s assigned campus or in the designated cluster
  • Enrollment in catastrophic sick leave bank
  • Participation in tax sheltered accounts
  • Retention supplements
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Healthcare Benefits

Sure, salary is important, but so is your health insurance. With our comprehensive healthcare plans, North East ISD contributes up to 84% of your insurance premiums — which means less out of your paycheck and higher take-home pay for you.

Benefits We Offer:

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Paid Time Off

As part of the North East ISD family, you enjoy holidays and time-off not found at a traditional workplace. Depending on your position and responsibilities, you may enjoy three-day weekends, week-long time off, and paid holidays. Summers off? Well, nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.

At NEISD, you’ll enjoy:

  • Sick Leave
  • State Personal Leave
  • Non-work days during major holidays
  • Paid vacation for year-round employees
  • Paid holidays for specific auxiliary assignments
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Perks and Recreation

North East ISD enjoys partnerships with local businesses, health clubs, sports organizations, theatres, restaurants and bookstores that offer perks, discounts, coupons and giveaways. Watch for e-mails from North East ISD Partnerships, the North East Educational Foundation and Risk Management and Benefits.

Did we mention you also get:

Free general admission into an athletic event at any NEISD campus or facility.

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We Invest In You

Training. Workshops. Webinars. Conferences. We know that the learning never stops and seek ways to elevate and nurture your talents and knowledge. NEISD encourages and supports continued professional development opportunities.

The mission of the Professional Learning Department is to develop, support and sustain teacher efficacy through professional learning opportunities.

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

It starts at the top. The North East ISD superintendent has made mental and physical health a major pillar of his goals. Explore the complimentary services designed for you to enjoy a balanced, happy and healthy home and work life.

NEISD vs. Other Districts

North East ISD pays $487 of your monthly premium!

Sure, another school district may have a higher salary, but how much of that do you keep every month once the district deducts for monthly health insurance premiums and other benefits?

When considering a career change, employer change or new career, salary is important, but so is your health insurance. This is where North East ISD shines.

With the lowest premiums, deductibles, maximums in comparison to neighboring school districts, North East ISD helps you keep more of your hard-earned money!

You’ll discover that the benefits that you enjoy here at North East ISD outweigh those offered by other school districts.

We have designed insurance plans that allow the District to contribute up to 84% of employee insurance premiums on your behalf.

This means less money out of your paycheck and higher take home pay for you.

Health Insurance Monthly Premium Comparison

  • NISD
Employee $107 $231 $255
Employee + Spouse $305 $685 $873
Employee + Children $243 $508 $664
Employee + Family $440 $1,348 1,008