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  • Life insurance provides crucial financial protection for your family if something were to ever happen to you. Benefits can be used towards income replacement, a mortgage, tuition, outstanding dept, and more - allowing you to take care of your loved ones even if you are not there.

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Basic Life Insurance

  • NEISD provides $15,000 Basic Term Life Coverage for all benefits eligible part time and full time employees.  This benefit costs $0.00 to the employee, the district pays for this on your behalf.  Employees are automatically enrolled in the benefit when they are hired.


  • The Standard and AD&D coverage is available for a monthly premium for employees, their eligible spouse (Insurance coverage will be delayed if the dependent is totally disabled on the date that insurance would otherwise be effective) and children to age 26. All employees who are working at least 20 regularly scheduled hours per week in active employment, in the United States, with North East ISD are eligible.


    1. Guarantee issue* for New Hires:
    • Employees - $250,000 (not to exceed 5 times your salary)
    • Dependent Spouse - $50,000 (up to 100% of employee amount)
    • Children - $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000 (up to 100% of employee amount but not to exceed $20,000)

    *Guarantee Issue - The 'guarantee' means you are not required to answer health questions to qualify for coverage up to and including the specified amount.

    NOTE: If you wish to enroll in more coverage than the amounts stated above, you will be asked to answer medical questions.

    2. AD&D Coverage that matches life elections

    3. Portable Coverage**

    4. Waiver of Premium

    5. Accelerated Benefits and much more

    **Allows you to continue your coverage after your group plan has terminated - with restrictions; see certificate of benefits.

    6. Travel Assistance - English

    7. Travel Assistance - Spanish

    8. Life Services Toolkit Employee Flyer - English

    9. Life Services Toolkit Employee Flyer - Spanish

    Please refer to 2023 Term Life Insurance and AD&D Coverage Highlights for complete details and rates in the Forms & Information section.

    NOTE: Current Employees, who are enrolling for the first time, must fill out an Evidence of Insurability form in order to elect coverage. Employees who are currently enrolled and wish to increase coverage over the guaranteed issue amount must also fill out an Evidence of Insurability form during Open Enrollment.


Forms & Information


  • Whole Life Insurance provides consistent coverage through retirement with premiums and benefits that won't change as you grow older.

    Advatantages of a whole life policy:

    1. Policy can build cash value over time
    2. Individual Policies
    3. Employee can purchase coverage for Grandchildren
    4. Employee does not have to enroll in Whole LIfe coverage in order to purchase coverage for spouse, children or grandchildren
    5. Coverage is portable
    6. Premiums and coverage will never change
    7. Guaranteed coverage for new employees

    Please refer to the 2023 Whole Life Highlights sheet and rate sheets in the Forms & Information section.

     To elect covereage, complete the Whole Life Application in the Forms & Information section.  Submit your application to the Employee Benefits Department, Attention: Janet Becerra.