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    The NEISD Health Plan is a self-funded program. This means that employee contributions are placed in a District fund and all medical and pharmaceutical claims and administrative fees for the Plan are paid from this fund. The District contracts with a third party administrator, BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, to administer our claims.

    Being self-funded provides the following advantages for our employees:

    • The District has greater control over future cost increases, plan design, and quality of service.
    • The District can provide benefits at a lower cost than a fully insured program because the portion of the premium charged by insurance companies for high operating costs and profit is eliminated.

    The District offers three (3) health plans to choose from. For a side by side comparison of the three plans, refer to the BCBS Get To Know Guide 2023.


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  • Go to page 6 in the BCBS Get To Know Guide for a summary on the Low PPO Option. For more detailed information, review pages 22 & 24.


  • Go to page 6 in the BCBS Get To Know Guide for a summary on the High PPO option. For more detailed information, review pages 22 & 24.


  • Go to page 7-8  in the BCBS Get To Know Guide for a summary on the BlueEdge HDHP/HSA. For more detailed information, review pages 23 & 25.

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  • Get paid to shop! Watch the BlueCross BlueShield Member Rewards Program video above for more information. 
    Visit the BlueCross BlueShield of Texas Website: for more information on finding a doctor, urgent care clinic, tobacco cessation program and more!

Are you trying to decide which health plan to buy?

If so, below is a helpful tool to help you compare traditional health plans to the high deductible plan.

Disclaimer: The results from this tool will vary and may not be as accurate as data requirements are merely estimates. This tool is intended to aid in the decision making process and not as the sole decision making tool. Users are advised to consider all health plan rules and regulations when making decisions.


  • Annual Premiums will be divided evenly and will apply to all benefits.

    1. Monthly - divided into 12 payments
    2. Bi-weekly, 10 months - divided into 20 payments
    3. Bi-weekly, Year Round - divided into 26 payments

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