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The District has openings throughout the year for counselors, assistant principals, and principals.

  • Campus Administration
  • Counseling/Student Well Being
  • Instructional Administration
  • Technology Services
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Operations
  • Management Information Systems
  • Health Services


Did you know: Training. Workshops. Webinars. Conferences. We know that the learning never stops and seek ways to elevate and nurture your talents and knowledge. NEISD encourages and supports continued professional development opportunities.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It


Valerie Comalander - Headshot

Valerie Comalander

Clinic Assistant at Bulverde Creek ES
20 years with NEISD

""I’ve seen NEISD at work. Our kids grow up and they’re successful and then they come back and now they’re making a difference. I don’t know why anyone would want to go anywhere else. I love it in here because it’s just like being a second mom to them.""

Joanne Lyons - Headshot

Joanne Lyons

Cafeteria Manager at Wood MS
20 years with NEISD

""I started because I have four kids and you just can’t beat the hours in this job. I wish more people would give it a chance and try this job out. I don’t think people realize how fun it can be and the hours are great. I have a really good team and we work really well together, and I love the kids.""

Joanne Lyons - Headshot
Cynthia Rubio - Headshot

Cynthia Rubio

Principal at Krueger MS
25 years with NEISD

"“I grew up on the East side of town. When we would play North East, I would see that they just had more in every aspect. Whether it was volleyball, basketball, cross country -- I always felt NEISD had more resources. When I started student-teaching I asked to be placed at NEISD. I love it at Krueger and NEISD."

Ychlindria Spears-Dolce - Headshot

Ychlindria Spears-Dolce

MacArthur HS Asst. Athletic Coordinator
11 years with NEISD

"“I got the call to come to MacArthur, and it was probably the best call I've ever had. It was amazing to come here. I would not want to be anywhere else. I'm so fulfilled being able to teach these young up-and-coming student athletes."

Ychlindria Spears-Dolce - Headshot