Citlali Guerrero

Phone: (210) 356-6200


Degrees and Certifications:

BA Interdisciplinary Studies

Citlali Guerrero

Hola! Como estan?

I am Ms. Guerrero; I teach 8th grade US History and am a co-sponsor for the Wood Spirit Squad.

I moved from Houston to San Antonio to pursue a degree in Education at UTSA where I graduated. My certification is in grades 4-8 in English Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies. Being a part of Wood MS and the Wrangler family, I learn more from my fellow teachers, supervisors, and students.

In my spare time, I like to garden and hike.

  • Tutoring Schedule

    My classroom tutoring policy is that students can come in to finish or redo any work. I do not take off late points when students work on class assignments in tutoring. I beleive that if they push themselves to work on it outside of class time in a setting where they know they can receive help, then there should be no penalty towards their grade in regards on time submitted.

    In my classroom, I have a chart updated weekly with tutoring times offered before school, lunch, and afterschool. I am open to tutoring almost all week, however, there can be a few changes weekly with meetings and outside appointments. Before school tutoring starts at 7:45/50 (when students are let in). Afterschool tutoring starts at the end of the school day and can last until 6 (if needed). Passes are required for lunch; students can get one from their teacher.

    For the most part, here is my "usual" tutoring schedule.

    "Usual" Tutoring Schedule