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Dungeons and Dragons Club

Ms. Wilson and Mr. Anderson are the co-sponsors of the D&D club. We meet on a weekly basis for students to learn to play D&D, a fantasy role-playing game that encourages collaboration, cooperation, and imagination. The students play in groups of 4-7, with one student as a Game Master, or storyteller, who responds to the actions of the other players and controls the world. The players' outcomes are often decided by a dice roll.

The goal of D&D is to tell a story together. 

No experience is necessary! 

Membership is $10 this year to help offset club costs. 

Club Timeline:
August: Game Masters (GMs) apply
September: GMs work with Ms. Wilson to hone their skills. Players apply.
October: GMs begin their adventures with the players. 

Membership is open to all but is limited to 50 kids due to the size of the library. It is also dependent on the number of kids who sign up to be GMs. Each group is student run, and each group is made up of one GM and up to 6 players. 

So, if 6 kids offer to be GMs, that means the club can have up to 36 kids join as players. 

Please also note that age is also considered when forming groups. We strive to keep sixth graders playing with other sixth graders, etc. 

Applications will be taken on a first come, first served basis and will be accepted as long as there is table space.