Alejandra N. Alanís Sánchez



Degrees and Certifications:

B.B.A. University of Texas at San Antonio International Business I.T.E.S.M. de Monterrey (Bilateral Exchange Program) L.O.T.E. Spanish Texas Certified Kinder-12th

Alejandra N. Alanís Sánchez

Growing up in a proud Mexican American family I was fortunate to be exposed to my heritage on a daily basis. Dual language was a norm that sparked an interest at a young age to explore and understand the complexities of my background, culture and being. My journey started as a bicultural child to an exchange student 15 years ago. For more than 15 years I have lived and studied in Mexico at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, México studying International Studies and then as a teacher teaching High School, Middle and Primary grades in Cuernavaca, Mexico. I have developed curriculums for Kinder through 5th grades for the International Baccaularate program and taught High School at my alma mater. I believe cultural awareness increases tolerance of others and in turn promotes acceptance and appreciation of our global society.

My travels have taken me as far at the Patagonia in Argentina to Chile in South America and parts of Mesoamerica. Being native of San Antonio I moved back with the mission to share stories of my excursions, insight on cultures in Latin America and my passion for travel with learners from Primary through Secondary. Being an International Business major I have always kept a close association with being a global educator and keeping an international perspective and with that I have experience teaching within the International Baccalaureate program. My professional background includes a B.A. in International Business, work experience in Marketing and Hispanic Advertisement and Education.

My mission is to share that:

Language has no color, no certain appearance, nor a particular way of being. Learning to approach diversity without a preexisting thought of who you are encountering is to teach a friendship between languages that embraces difference and compassion.

  • BUSH M.S.

    Prof. A. Sánchez

    H.S. Credit Spanish I, NSJHS Sponsor

    Español I-B /1-F GR 8

    Portable 101



    1 er. : 8:25 – 9:13 am IB

    2 do. : 9:17 - 10:12 am IB

    3 er. : 10:16 – 11:01 am IB     

    4 to. : 11:05 – 11:50 Conferencia

    5 to. : 11:54 –12:39 pm IF

    Lunch/Almuerzo 12:43-1:13 pm

    6 to. : 1:17 – 2:02 pm IF

    7 to. : 2:06 – 2:51 pm IB

    8 vo. : 2:55 – 3:40 pm IB 

    Morning Coaching

    Monday and Thursday

    8:00 am- 8: 20 am


    Text 81010

    IB @1bsanchez

    IF @1fsanchez

    NSJHS @somosbush

    NSJHS Meeting Dates

    All meetings will be in the AM and if changed I will send a message via Remind

    Sept. 6

    Oct. 4

    Nov. 8

    Dec. 6/ Dec. 13 Posada

    Jan. 10

    Feb. 7

    Mar. 7

    Apr. 11/ Apr. 24 New Inductee Ceremony

    May 16

    ** Dates could change and if any are made I will send a message via Remind **

    Spanish I Syllabus

    Discovery of Language Acquisition

    Communities – Communication – Culture – Comparisons

    Interpretive Communication and Reinforcement: Text curriculum/Alphabet and Vocabulary Cards/Journals.

    Country Units: The Arts, Culture, Customs & Music of Latin and Spanish Speaking Countries.

    Presentational Communication: through unit projects or thematic topics.

    Interpersonal Communication: Pair/Group reinforcement

    Real World Global Connection: through small groups, think & pair, academic conversations.                                                                                              Mandatory Supplies

    (1) Composition Notebook or Spiral

    (1) PLASTIC folder with Brads for Portfolio  

    (1) Pack of Crayola Markers or Red/Blue Pens

    * Our textbook are for in class only but can be accessed ONLINE through LAUNCHPAD under WORLD LANGUAGE tab *

    9 Week Grading Catagories & Percentages 

    Presentational (daily grades) 20%

    Interpersonal (partner dialogue practice) 20%

    Performance Assessment (quizzes) 20%

    Formal Assessment (test and or project) 20%

    Grades and Percentages Per 9 weeks and Semester 

    1st 9 wks average (40%)

    2nd 9 wks average (40%)

    Mid Term Exam Grade (20%)

    3rd 9 wks average (40%)

    4th 9 wks average (40%)

    Final Exam (20%)

    (Divided into 4 parts: Listening, Speaking/Dialogue, Essay/Written, 50 Multiple Choice questions)

    *Semester 1 and Semester 2 average together for a Final Average for end of the year*

    Instructions for accessing the Textbook online

    1- Log into LAUNCHPAD

    2- Look for the Purple "World Languages" Icon and click on it.

    3- Look for the white Icon that say "Vista" and click on it. 

    4- You will be prompted to the Vista Homepage and may access the Leccion (Chapters) on the top drop box where it says Leccion 1: Hola Que tal. When you click on the downward arrow the rest of the chapters may be acessed. 

    5- Students may access the Grammatical Lessons under the multicolored ACTIVITIES tab. When you click on the colored tabs the individual grammatical lessons will appear to the LEFT of the tab. The Grammatical Lessons are ALL animated under the TUTORIALS tab. When you click on the page number of the text book in the corner of the lesson it directly takes you to a copy of the book for you to see.

    6- On the very TOP of the web page look for the CONTENT tab. Here you will access all VOCABULARY for all chapters. Here you are able to play with flash cards applicable to each chapter. 


    Rules and Expectations for the Classroom

    Personal Cell Phones and technology WILL NOT be used during instruction unless per teacher/sub request. Any phones taken out will be sent to the front office.

    In learning about other cultures, language and different customs, we want to foster CULTRAL SENSITIVITY and respect. Mutual respect is an expectation.

    My goal is to extend time for completion of assignments, ensuring student success. A positive attitude and proactive outlook is encouraged. Coaching is available on Mondays and Thursday before school at 8:00-8:20 am.