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NSJHS (National Spanish Junior Honor Society)

Five years ago, as the new sponsor of the NSJHS I began to brainstorm of what campaign the NSJHS could come up with to allow students to feel united, represented and above all promote the diverse community in which we live in. The word SOMOS is representative of such encompassment. “We are” our diverse community and with visibility of our multilingual campus the NSJHS wanted to lead with the Spanish language but encompass other languages as well.

The SOMOS slogan was introduced to unify and invite other than our NSJHS members in a campaign using the word SOMOS which means “we are” in showing how our diversity unites. The National Spanish Honor society here at Bush has for the past four years shared, encouraged and promoted not only that the Spanish language we as a society represent but also showing correlation to other languages. We believe here at Bush that our differences truly unify. Representing other languages on our shirts this past year serves as a reminder that we are more alike than different and that our message of SOMOS is universal no matter what language you speak.

The message “we all are” diverse, unique, and have  commonalities in our differences unite, not divide us.

Members meet once a month and we will continually reach out as a community to all of our Bulldogs.