Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Wood

Salutations! My name is Coach Wood and I am so excited to begin the 2020-2021 school year as a Bush Bulldog! I recently graduated from UTSA with a Bachelors in Education and am certified to teach all core subjects. I was born and raised in the great city of San Antonio and went to school in NISD but I got to NEISD as soon as I could! I started working for NEISD in 2016 for the KIN program and fell in love with the district and teaching my students! I recently got married and got a brand new puppy named Chewy. In my spare time I like to play chess, video games and travel with my wife. 

  •  A Day

    8:30-9:35       1st ( 6th Math Honors)    GC code:omgdqek

    9:40-10:45     3rd (6th Math)                GC code: 5bwarun

    10:50-11:30   Lunch

    11:35-12:40   5th (conference)

    12:45-1:50     7th (6th Math)                GC code: 5eqnzsn

    B Day

    8:30-9:35       2nd (6th Math Honors)    GC code: t6v6gax

    9:40-10:45     4th (6th Math Honors)     GC code: eqxnius

    10:50-11:30   Lunch

    11:35-12:40   6th (AIM)                       GC code: r5mk4pq

    12:45-1:50     8th (6th Math)                GC code: 6gfhewo

    Coaching Opportunities:

    Monday-Friday (8:00 - 8:25)

    Monday-Friday (2:15-3:00)

  • Degrees and Certification

    AA- San Antonio College (SA, Tx)

    BA-The University of Texas at San Antonio (SA, Tx)