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Español IB & IF (Spanish I) / Helpful Information

¡Bienvenidos a el mundo de español!

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The Discovery of Language Acquisition

We learn through Communities, Communication, Culture, & Comparisons

Interpretive Communication and Reinforcement: Descubre Text curriculum, phonetic and alphabet interpretation. We learn through I Can statements of ACTFUL proficiency levels.

Country Units: The Arts, Culture, Customs & Music of Latin and Spanish Speaking Countries.

Presentational Communication: Through thematic topics of Spanish speaking countries around the world.

Interpersonal Communication: Partner practice through literacy & building a proficiency portfolio to increase fluency.

Real World Global Connection: through small groups, think & pair, academic conversations.

 Online Grading and Gradebook Grades

Our assignments are categorized in 6 different categories online. Of those 6 categories 5 are reflected in Gradebook.

  1. Tutorials: are not graded and are for practice
  2. Practica/Daily (20%): are graded. These are checks for comprehension of lessons. (about 8 grades every 9 weeks)
  3. Listening (20%): are graded. We have 2 every 9 weeks. These are listening activities to check for spoken understanding.
  4. Exam (20%): are graded. Will be taken online and if a student gets below a 70 will be able to retake. (2 every 9 weeks)
  5. Quiz (20%): are graded. Checks for individual lesson comprehension. (3 every 9 weeks)
  6. Interpersonal (20%): not graded online but I DO give 2 partner participation grades each 9 weeks. These two grades are based on how effectively you worked together and participated in spoken activities.

 Grades and Percentages per 9 weeks and Semester 

1st 9 wks average (40%)                 2nd 9 wks average (40%)

Mid Term Exam Grade (20%)

3rd 9 wks average (40%)                4th 9 wks average (40%)

Final Exam (20%) (Divided into 4 parts: Listening, Speaking/Dialogue, Essay/Written, 50 Multiple Choice questions) *Semester 1 and Semester 2 average together for a Final Average for end of the year*