•  Syllabus: 


    Mrs. Wood - Syllabus

    All the Information you need to survive in English/Reading Block


    *  Students will be prepared for class.
    *  Students will participate in all class discussions.
    *  Quality work is expected at all times.
    *  ALL work is to be completed and turned-in on time.
    *  Students are expected to keep a binder with all their work for the duration of the nine weeks/year.

    GRADING INFORMATION:                                                                     

    Daily work/class work                    40%                                       
    Quizzes                                        25%                           
    Tests, Projects, Essays                  35%                                     

    LATE WORK POLICY: All work submitted beyond the due date will receive a 20% deduction. Late work will be accepted for up to three weeks or until the information is assessed, whichever happens first. This is a district policy.

    WRITING: 100% of all graded writing essays can be revised and regraded within the nine weeks. There is no cap on this grade, so students can revise and earn up to a 100.

    MATERIALS NEEDED:                                    

    • Pens (blue or black only, no gel pens or colors)
    • Pencils - wooden or mechanical
    • Wide rulednotebook paper
    • Binder or notebook - can be section in larger notebook used for other classes, section designated for English
    • 1 Composition notebook (with 100 pages, if possible)
    • 1 or 2 packages of Post-it Notes – square shaped only (any color)
    • BOOK - one you are reading for enjoyment, comes to class EVERY DAY
      Good attitude
    • Tissues are GREATLY appreciated

          The rest of these supplies are optional. I provide classroom supplies when we need them, but students are certainly allowed to use their own if they prefer. 

      scissors and glue/glue sticks
      markers and/or colored pencils
      Highlighter - your choice of color(s)

    The Wood Way    

    (Things to know about life in Mrs. Wood’s classroom)

    * Please use wide-ruled loose-leaf notebook paper only – NO college-ruled or spiral paper.
    * I only accept work completed in blue or black ink or pencil. Do not use red, turquoise, purple, green or gel pens please.
    * I have a lending library in the classroom. Students sign-out EACH book they borrow and cross-out their name when the book is returned. If a book is severely damaged or lost, I expect reimbursement to purchase a replacement.
    Please sharpen pencils before class begins.

    *If you do not have a pencil, I will trade you for one. I will lend you a pencil, and you will lend me your cell phone for the duration of class.
    * Please get a drink of water and use the restroom between classes, if possible.
    * As a general rule, if it is on my desk – DO NOT TOUCH IT!!!!  
    ​* As a general rule, do not enter a closed classroom if a teacher is not present. 
    * I do not assign homework regularly, but when I assign it – I expect it to be completed and returned on time!
    * If you miss class, you are responsible for the work you miss. If you are not sure or do not have a syllabus, you are expected to ask me for work missed (or check the "Make-up Work" box). All tests and quizzes missed must be completed the day you return to school unless your absence was an extended one. If your parents request work for you to complete at home, please turn-in the work when you return.
    * It is smart to check with a classmate when you miss class.
    * All work is due on its assigned date. Any missing or incomplete work will be marked with an “M” (missing) and must be completed. Once an “M” has been given, missing work usually will no longer earn its full value. I retain the prerogative to assign any student with incomplete or missing assignments to before/after school detention and/or contact your parents.
    * Parents should contact me via email at Kwood@neisd.net  I usually respond very quickly. Do NOT leave a voicemail message for me.

    Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar. -E. B. White