• Welcome everyone to another great year.   We are committed to the high expectations this community holds and building strong bonds between parents and community members to give our students everything they need to grow in academics, fine arts, athletics, and social skills.  You will not find another place that tries harder and is more capable.  

  • Parents & Guardians

    Lopez Middle School PTA*

    Join us in making PTA a family experience. PTA is the one place for families to find ideas, resources, advice, and each other. It’s where ordinary families discover extraordinary opportunities for their children, their schools, and their communities. Just as our families raise, teach, and provide for their children, the PTA family has been supporting all of America’s children since 1897. PTA is the inclusive, worldwide organization that our society needs, welcoming everyone who wants the best in education and health for every child. Students, parents and grandparents, educators and legislators, neighbors and community leaders: you are all essential members of the PTA family providing a powerful and effective voice for all children. Our future leaders, innovators, citizens, and soldiers are our children, and our children are given their best chance to succeed when we all work together. Join us and get involved with the largest volunteer child advocacy group in the country—join the PTA family.

    Volunteer Program

    The Volunteer Program is the bridge between our community and the best interests of the students in the North East Independent School District. Our goal is to help students gain the academic skills and the self-confidence necessary to become successful learners while reaching their fullest potential in the community.

    Bilingual Learners

    Dual Language Program

    Dual language in NEISD in an enriched, additive, bilingual educational model. Two-way classes ideally will be comprised of one-half native Spanish speakers and one- half native English speaker. The one-way classes will be comprised of all native Spanish speakers. The native language and culture of each student is valued and treated equitably and therefore promotes positive self-esteem and leads to academic success. Research strongly suggests students perform at or above grade level on standardized assessments and develop high levels of proficiency of both languages.

    ESL Newcomer Program

    The Newcomer Program provides a safe and scaffolded learning environment where diversity is valued in transitioning students to meet high expectations for language acquisition, academic achievement, and responsible citizenship. The NEISD Newcomer program is for recent arrival of refugees or asylees. This program provides the support of a safe learning environment in order for the students to begin acclimating to U. S. schools. The newcomer program assists students by providing linguistic, cognitive, and academic needs while holding high standards. The students will participate in the program for no more than 2 years as it depends on an individual student basis.


    Military Families

    North East ISD welcomes military families who have been transferred to a local military installation. Any parent or guardian who is an active-duty member of the armed forces of the United States, or who is part of the reserve armed forces, may establish residence and enroll children in North East ISD.

    Family Engagement

    Family Engagement creates and sustains partnerships with students, families, and the community to ensure high levels of learning for all.

Volunteer Opportunites