• Clubs listed on this page are from 2018-19.  We are in the process of forming clubs for 2019.


    How to Start a Club at Lopez Middle School. 

    Do you have an interest or passion that is represented by one of the Lopez clubs? 

    Starting a club is an option that gives you a voice at Lopez and is a great solution that may fill a need in our school’s club offerings.  Starting a club allows you to customize a club to your interests, and exemplifies your leadership and creativity with a Lopez teacher/ sponsor. 

    Do you have an idea for a club?  or  Do you want to start a club and not sure what type?

    Think of what you enjoy doing or are passionate about, something you want to share with others. Maybe it is something you want to learn more about. 

    See if there is an Interest For the Club?

    Visit with classmates to see if the club would be a good match for Lopez- you will need members.  This is an informal measure just to see the interest. Talk with friends and classmates to ensure that there is interest in your proposed club. 

    Use the feedback from your peers to help fine-tune the focus of your proposed club based on group interest. Be flexible enough to accommodate the ideas of others. Keep in mind the goal is to have a club of members.

     Do you have a Sponsor? 

    All Lopez clubs are required to have a sponsor.  When finding a teacher choose one with whom you’ve enjoyed working in the past and who knows you well or who you have heard this teacher enjoys the same type of things your club represents.  

    When you first approach the teacher about sponsoring your club, be sure to clearly and honestly articulate your goals and expectations for his or her involvement and what the club is about. If you will be planning the activities and the meeting let the teacher know that.   You may just need a classroom to use and a teacher to oversee things. , let him or her know this upfront. 

    Teachers are busy-you may need to ask a few until you find one that does not have too many other obligations.  Keep trying.

    If you do not have a sponsor and can’t find one.  Reach out to Mrs. Volz in Art1 or email her mvolz@neisd.net and she will work-try to find you one. 

    Lopez Application Process for Starting a club

    You will find an online application to apply for a club.  Go to  Student Resources on this page- bottom right or you may print out the club proposal page and give to Mrs. Volz 

    You will need to fill out the application completely-  if you need assistance see Mrs. Volz in art 1

    Student Panther Club Proposal

    All clubs will be required to have a vision/mission statement, you’ll have a clearer idea of the direction for your club. This also ensures that everyone in the club has the same agreed-upon goals.

     Has your idea been approved?  If so, 

    Meet with your teacher sponsor-

    Get on the same page with the sponsor- decided when the meetings will be. Share the mission statement and tweek as necessary.  

    Advertise Your Club

    Once your proposal or application has been approved. Get help from others that showed an interest when you were conduction your informal interest.  

    A formal recruiting event will take place in during all lunches in Sept.  In addition to the formal recruiting, you might make posters and flyers posted on bulletin boards or in the hallways. You might make announcements during the morning. 

    Are you ready to begin?

    Start Regular Club Meetings

    At your first official club meeting, be sure to welcome and thank your new membership. Express that it will take synergy to have a successful club. Share the vision/mission, outline fun plans. 

    Delegate Duties and Responsibilities   

    This might occur during your first club meeting or during one of the next few.  You should have an idea in advance the leadership roles and responsibilities that will be needed. Then, at a club meeting, you can ask for volunteers or nominations, depending on how you intend to structure the leadership of the club.



Clubs & Organizations

  • All
  • AlphaSci
  • Art Club/ Art Honor Society
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Future Charmers
  • LEGO League
  • Lopez Ambassadors
  • Math Counts
  • Mountain Bike
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • PALS (Peer Assistance Leadership)
  • Project P7
  • Social Network Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Spirit Club
  • Storytelling Troupe
  • Student Council
  • Unity Club/No Place For Hate